Piya Albela: Pooja's lustrous avatar and business rivalry with Naren (Upcoming Twist)

Piya Albela: Pooja’s (Sheen Dass) lustrous avatar surprise Naren (Akshay Mhatre)

Viewers of Zee TV's popular show Piya Albela will get to interesting twist with Pooja’s lustrous avatar shocking Naren.

It seems Naren comes to meet Mrs. Kapoor unaware that she is Pooja.

Pooja drapes her saree before Naren, flaunts her back where she asks Naren to tie her Doori and flirts with Naren.

Pooja is hurt deep down inside as she loves only Naren but she has to enact of being Mrs. Kapoor to bring Naren back on correct path.

Naren and Pooja turn business rival

In the upcoming episode, Naren and Pooja will shake hands to defeat each other in business.

Pooja is determined to get Naren back to what he was as he has turned into stone post Pooja’s betrayal.

Will Pooja succeed in her mission as she did earlier?

Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming twist in Naren and Pooja’s life.

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