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Krishna Chali London: Shivani’s lust to trap Veer in her dirty conspiracy (Upcoming Twist)

Krishna Chali London: Shivani’s lust to trap Veer in her dirty conspiracy

In the upcoming episode storyline of Krishna Chali London, the viewers will see Shivani’s dirty game plan.

Shivani goes adamant to get Veer back in her life while Veer doesn’t want any relationship with Shivani.

While when Veer refuses to marry Shivani, Shivani invites Veer for a date while Veer agrees to her.

And this date night turns Shivani opportunistic to trap Veer in her conspiracy.

Veer in huge mess

Veer has unknowingly developed liking for Krishna.

While Shivani supports Veer in his decision of not getting married to her, she cunningly gets him drugged.

Let’s wait and see for how Veer will realize the reality and flop Shivani’s dirty plan.

Will Shivani’s list trap Veer?

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