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Bepanah Pyaar: Shocking Raghbir real murderer of Bani truth stuns Pragati (Upcoming Episode)

Bepanah Pyaar: Shocking Raghbir (Pearl V Puri) real murderer of Bani (Aparna Dixit) truth stuns Pragati (Ishita Dutta)

The bloody mystery of Bani’s murder has finally unveiled the real face of the Malhotra family member who plotted Bani’s death.

The ongoing story of 'Bepanah Pyaar' is showcasing a very challenging time before Pragati who is hunting for Bani’s culprit.

And this time a mysterious letter comes in Pragati's hand where Raghbir is proved to be the real murderer of Bani.

The letter stumbles Pragati to dead hell as she never expected Raghbir's this evil identity behind portraying the drama of unconditional love for Bani.

Raghbir in a tight spot 

Where the truth has completely shaken Pragati, Pragati confronts Raghbir.

The new promo of the show is released where Pragati gets a letter proving Raghbir as Bani's murderer.

Meanwhile, Raghbir is seen wearing a black hoody and cutting the wood log through which Bani fell down from the cliff.

This is going to be must-watch,

Is Raghbir the real murderer of Bani?

Or there is any other twist in the tale?

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