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Bahu Begum: Not Shayra but Khalid real culprit behind Faiz's death (Upcoming Episode)

Bahu Begum: Not Shayra (Diana Khan) but Khalid (Rehaan Roy) real culprit behind Faiz's death

The upcoming episode of Colors show Bahu Begum will showcase shocking twist.

It seems Noor and Khalid gets ready for marriage.

Noor is just playing drama where she wants Shayra to bring Azaan for her.

Noor wants to punish Shayra being unaware about the reality.

Shayra cannot let Noor and Khalid get married as she is aware that Khalid is wrong person.

Shayra runs to Azaan and asks him to marry Noor and divorce her leaving him shocked.

Shayra force Azaan (Arijit Taneja) to marry Noor (Samiksha Jaiswal)

Azaan refuses to marry Noor but Sharya compels him to do so.

In real not Shayra but Khalid was the one who glazed the fire just to kill Faiz.

Khalid loves Noor and wanted to marry her, hence Khalid killed Faiz.

Will Azaan be able to save Noor’s life and expose Khalid’s reality?

Wait and watch.

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