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YHC: Prisha's grah-parvesh in Rudraksh Mishika's wedding shaken everyone (Upcoming Episode)

Prisha's grah-parvesh in Rudraksh Mishika's wedding shaken everyone in Yeh Hai Chahatein

Popular TV show Yeh Hai Chahatein is up for Rudraksh’s second marriage.

Earlier seen how Prisha hand overs the legal custody of Saransh to Rudraksh after all she feels she is going to die son.

Further when Rudraksh and Mishika head for their marriage,

Here Prisha’s death punishment gets nulled and thus she is saved.

Prisha now wants her son back but she gets a huge shocked on finding Rudraksh’s marriage with Mishika.

Thus Prisha turns to stop this wedding at any cost.

Prisha invites troubles for life 

Prisha will make her blasting entry in the marriage ceremony ruining all the function.

Where her entry will come as a shocker for everyone and Rudraksh will be shaken,

Let see how Prisha invited troubles in her life by claiming her wife right on Rudraksh.

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