Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 11th January 2017 written update (Written Update)

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 11th January 2017 written episode update, KRPKAB WU

The episode starts with Sonakshi gives money to Ishwari and she gets shocked.

Sona says that she just wants to get her father’s respect back by returning this money.

Dev comes to Sona’s home and everyone gets shocked, Dev says  that he has come here to apologize.

But Asha asks her to go back as Bijoy is really angry so she asks him to come some other to get apology.

Bijoy comes and lashes out at Dev for insulting him.

Ishwari faints while Sonakshi-Dev indulges in an heated argument

Ishwari says that if her daughter in law will return money to her then it will be like insulting her.

Ishwari says that now also you are not apologizing instead you are counting our mistakes.

Sona says that she is apologizing but being a daughter she cannot let her father’s head down.

Ishwari says that she got hurt just because they hide this thing from her.

Sona says that this money has no value for her, she says that she cannot keep the money and gives the money to Ishwari.

Bijoy stops Dev from taking his blessings, he throws Dev and his sweets outside then he insults him infront of everyone.

Bijoy breaks all his relations with Dev, Dev gets shocked.

Asha says t Bijoy that how can he break reations like this in anger.

Ishwari says that you are insulting me by giving money, Sona says that I am no one to insult you.

Sona says that she did not knew that Sourabh has taken money from Dev otherwise she would have not let Sourabh take the money from him.

Just then Dev comes and he says that she is insulting Ishwari by giving her money.

They both indulges in an heated argument, Radha instigates Ishwari against Sonakshi.

Ishwari faints so then Mama makes her sit.


Ishwari gets hurt, Dev asks Sona to get out of the house.

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