Naamkaran 12th January, 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Naamkaran 12th January, 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Avni being tortured by inmates and jailer also is against Avni and tight security arrangements are done.

Ragini taunts Avni and uses Monica against Avni, Monica, Sunheri insults Avni and throws coal at her.

Neil makes plan to use press conference to give his message to Avni and calls press conference.

Avni decodes that Neil is aware of Neela's kidnapping, Avni wants to talk to Neil but jailer warns her.

Avni gets tortured in jail by Ragini and Monica

Jailer asks Avni to fix barbed wire around the jail and also fix glasses, all inmates laughs at Avni who gets hurt with it.

Jailer secretly comes to Avni and asks her to runaway with Ragini at night nor Neela will be in danger.

Neil makes plan to save Neela, Vidhyut organise party while Avni asks old inmates to fix electric wire in barbs and Avni gets electric shock.


Avni and Ragini tries to escape, Neil beats Vidhyut and his goons.

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