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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 6th December 2018 written update (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 6th December 2018 written update

The current episode starts with Naveen applies haldi to Prerna while Dadi taunts him and asks Prerna to tell Naveen Uncle that she is getting married to Anurag, not him, Naveen says that soon she will and everyone will forget him.

Naveen is worried wondering where Anurag went, Suman tells Naveen that Anurag went for something important while then only Naveen thinks to call Anurag as if he went to registrar office to get proof against him.

Anurag is upset as the Officer is yet not giving the certificate meanwhile, Sid asks him to sit silent he will bring certificate.

Anurag sits outside office that a newlywed couple comes out, his friends ask him about how he decided to marry his love, the boy tells his friends and his wife that he realized that he has started caring for her, he wants to stay beside her everytime, Anurag hears them and feels something strange as he recalls the moments he spend with Prerna and he promised to her that he will always her.

Then only Sid brings Naveen and Madhuri's marriage certificate, Anurag jumps in happiness and hugs Sid while Anurag questions Sid, Sid tells Anurag that how he convinced Subroto by telling him that Anurag is mad in love with Prerna and he is going to commit suicide if he will not get the certificate.

The officer agrees to give certificate while Anurag gets angry on Sid, they share laugh while then only Anurag gets Naveen's video call.

Anurag disconnects and calls back Naveen where he doesn't reveals to Naveen that he is in registrar office, Naveen enrages Anurag by talking bad about Prerna that how he touched Prerna's cheeks, Anurag gets angry and eventually he ends up warning Naveen that he will not let this marriage happen, and their culture never allows two marriages.

Naveen's deadly conspiracy against Anurag

Naveen drops his phone in hell shock, Prerna comes there while Naveen goes making excuse.

Naveen tells Madhuri about how Anurag reached the office and got their marriage certificate, Madhuri gets scared and asks Naveen to elope from here, they will never come back while Naveen refuses to accept his defeat and tells Madhuri that he can go to any extent to knock Anurag out, he is tiger and will now hunt Anurag.

Prerna is worried, and imagines Anurag standing before him, she recalls their moments while Anurag asks if she loves him.

Prerna's dream breaks, Anurag and Sid are on the way where Sid teases Anurag taking Prerna's name, Prerna calls Anurag they both talk while Prerna tells that how much Naveen was restless today. Anurag tells Prerna that he wants to talk with her about Naveen.


Naveen drives truck and hits Anurag's car, the car blasts while Anurag manages to jump out of the car with marriage certificate.

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