PMHMD: Naina slaps Veer, Veer attempt to ravish Naina (Upcoming Twist)

Naina (Drashti Dhami) slaps Veer (Laksh Lalwani) calling Raghav (Arjunj Bijlani) servent in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

High Voltage drama is going to unfold in Raghav and Naina’s life in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil.

Dadi tries to unite Raghav and Naina bringing her back to house attending Sanjna and Veer’s marriage.

Naina and Raghav share bit romantic moments over making rangoli design but they disturbed by guest.

Naina shares her feelings with Raghav and Veer overhears their conversation and confronts Naina.

Veer then taunts Naina about how she got married with servant (Raghav) while Veer rejected her.

Veer continuous badmouth against Raghav and Naina’s alliance which makes Naina furious and she slaps him tightly.

Veer teaches a lesson Naina ravishing her image

Naina tells Veer that if she gets chance to select between Veer and Raghav then she selects Raghav too because he is better that him (Veer).

Veer is very much angry and decides to teach a lesson to Naina which she will never forget.

Veer attempts to ravish Naina recalling her slap but it is yet to see as if Raghav enters in the scene saving Naina.

Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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