YHM: Sohail’s evil intention create big rift in Raman-Ruhi-Ishita (Upcoming Twist)

Sohail (Gautam Wadhwa) takes revenge from Raman (Karan patel) forcing his father committing suicide in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring high voltage drama in Raman and Ishita’s life with truth revelation of Sohail.

Sohail is upset on his uncle for telling truth to Ishita about him as his father committed suicide.

Sohail first burns al evidence against him then tortures his uncle by revealing his truth as he is the one who made Ruhi’s MMS and trapped Raman.

Sohail was the one who killed blackmailer and trapped Romi and Raman on it and when Ishita doubt at him but he cleverly proved him innocence but Ishita is not ready to believe at him.

Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) finds Sohail’s intention snatching Ruhi from Raman

Sohail is also Nidhi’s brother and now both join hand to destroy Bhalla family as Sohail believes Raman is responsible behind his father committed suicide.

Sohail plans to create a big rift between Ruhi and Raman so that Ruhi will never trust at Raman.

How will Ishita save Ruhi and Raman from Sohail’s evil intension?

Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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