ChandraNandini: Nandini shattered by Chandra-Helena wedding night (Upcoming Twist)

Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) decorates room for Chandra (Rajat Tokas)-Helena’s (Tanu Khan) wedding night in Chandra Nandini

The current track of Chandra Nandini, Helena has created a big misunderstand between Chandra and Nandini using Malayketu.

Helena proves Chandra that Nandini is still in love with Malayketu and she also writes s a fake letter using Nandini’s name.

Chandra burst out at Nandini and then her to stay away from Malayketu and tells that Helena is now my wife and life only.

Nandini tells him that she has no problem with it but she gets insecure thinking about Chandra and Helena.

Furthermore, Malayketu tries coming closer to Nandini thinking as she loves him but Nandini throws him out by telling as she loves Chandra only.

Nandini is herself shocked thinking as how she can fall in love with Chandra whom she hates from core of her heart.

Nandini's weird behaviour bring tough time for Chandra

Nandini soon has some weird change in her behavior in which she slapped Helena when she tries to make her jealous for Chandra.

In the upcoming episode, Chandra makes a plan giving pain to Nandini and he asks her to decorate room for his and Helena’s wedding night.

Nandini did it holding her emotion for Chandra and gets shocked when Chandra closes door making her out from room.

Will Chandra accepts Helena leaving Nandini?

Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

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