Beyhadh: Sucide, Romance, Evil plan in Arjun-Maya’s life (Upcoming Twist)

Ashwin's evil eyes on Arjun (Kushal Tandon) and Maya's (Jennifer Winget) love in Beyhadh

The upcoming episode of Beyhadh will show that Arjun and Maya propose dto each other an ddecid eget married.

Arjun’s family is shocked finding Arjun and Maya’s love whiel Saanjh is comepletly shattered seeing Arjun loves Maya.

Saanjh holds her feelings and decides to go out from Arjun’s life while Maya is all happy as she finally gets Arjun.

Furthermore, Maya’s farther Ashwin returns na dtraops Jhanvi in his fake love so she would tak erevnegfrom Maya.

Ashwin makes Jhanvi fall in pool and asks Maya to save her mother as he knows Maya cannot swim.

Maya attempts to suicide in front of Arjun

Furthermore, Maya manages to save Jhanvi but this make a big twist in her life.

Maya once against attempt to suicide jumping in the riover which makes Arjun shocked.

Arjun is unaware about what happen to Maya so that she would took this step.

How will Arjun save Maya?

Stay tune for further exciting updates.

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