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Woh Apna Sa: Jhanvi play cupid to bring Adi and Nisha closer Upcoming Episode

Wednesday, September 13 2017
Woh Apna Sa: Jhanvi play cupid to bring Adi and Nisha closer

Woh Apna Sa: Adi(Sudeep Sahir) shocked as Jhanvi (Disha Parmar) on mission to unite Adi and Nisha (Riddhi Dogra)

ZEE TV’s daily soap Woh Apna Sa will show some interesting drama as Nisha plays evil to separate Adi and Jhanvi.

This time Nisha and Kaka comes up with a major plan where she emotionally blackmails Jhanvi and uses her as a puppet to get Adi’s love.

As seen, Nisha goes to Dr.Pandey with Jhanvi for second opinion, however he too confirms that Nisha is at last stage of cancer and has only one month left.

Nisha trap Jhanvi in emotional drama

Nisha further plays emotional drama and gets assurance from Jhanvi that she will help Nisha to fulfil her last wish.

Shockingly, Jhanvi promises to bring Nisha and Adi closer and spend quality time.

Further, Jhanvi irritates Adi with her weird behaviour as she asks him to go on dinner date with Nisha.

Adi gets pissed off seeing Jhanvi’s change of attitude and questions her.

Will Jhanvi succeed in bringing Adi and Nisha closer?

Stay tuned to know what will happen further.

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