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Haasil: Ranvir announces marriage with Aanchal flops Kabir's defamation game (Upcoming Story)

Haasil: Ranvir (Zayed Khan) and Aanchal plays dual game with Kabir (Vatsal Seth)

The upcoming episode of Sony Entertainment Television popular daily soap Haasil is up for some new drama.

Aanchal has broken her engagement with Kabir after knowing that Kabir was just playing game with her.

Kabir is much in pain as he had started to fall in love with Aanchal but now re-begins his defamation game against Aanchal.

Kabir wants to give pain to Aanchal but Ranvir will come as savior and stands against his brother Kabir.

Ranvir breaks Kabir's trap for Aanchal

Ranvir will announce to marry Aanchal and ends Kabir's betrayal game, Kabir and Ranvir thus comes infront of each other.

Ranvir warns Kabir to stay away from Aanchal as she is now daughter-in-law of Raichand house and is his wife.

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