Naamkaran: Avni enlightens Vidhyut's love saving Mishti defeats Juhi in marriage race (Upcoming Twist)

Naamkaran: Avni (Aditi Rathore) defeats Juhi (Poonam Preet) badly, Vidhyut takes Avni's side 

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Naamkaran is up for some new syappa.

Juhi now shows her true evil avatar to Avni and threatens her to kill Mishti, Vidhyut supports Juhi in this.

Vidhyut kidnaps Mishti to trap Avni and thus Juhi warns Avni to convince Neil to marry her now she will kill Mishti.

Avni can do anything to save Mishti's life and thus agrees to convince Neil while Avni and Neil cracks the deal to save Mishti.

Neil and Avni's savior mission for Mishti against Vidhyut and Juhi

Neil agrees to marry Juhi while Avni gets I'm her mission to save Mishti from Vidhyut's trap by love enlightenment.

Will Vidhyut fall in Avni's trap and will Avni be able to review Mishti from Vidhyut's ugly trap ??????????

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