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Udaan: Ranvijay shoots Chakor to death Sooraj recalls lost love memory (Upcoming Twist)

Udaan: Ranvijay (Vikas Bhalla) shoots Chakor (Meera Deosthale) to death, Sooraj to recall lost love memory 

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Udaan is up for some interesting twist and drama.

Ranvijay has planned to end Chakor's chapter and uses Sooraj for that, Sooraj plays emotional drama and brings Chakor to hill top.

Although Chakor's Maayi has doubt over Sooraj's intentions and tries to find truth and stops Chakor.

While Chakor is mad in Sooraj's love and wants fo make Sooraj recall their love and old oath of marriage.

Chakor and Sooraj's love syappa to re-begin post Ranvijay's death game

Chakor decides to go to hill top to meet Sooraj and to mind him recall their love but is unaware that Ranvijay had set death trap for her.

Ranvijay will make plan to shoot Chakor and will execute his plan while Sooraj will recall love for Chakor seeing Chakor breathing her last infront of him.

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