Udaan: Ranvijay Sooraj's death tandav for Chakor Mahashivratri dhamaka ahead (Upcoming Twist)

Udaan: Chakor (Meera Deosthale) reaches death with Sooraj (Vijyendra Kumeria) and Ranvijay's trap 

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Udaan is up for some major drama and twist.

Sooraj and Ranvijay has set trap for Chakor and plans to end her game, Sooraj calls Chakor to hill top.

Chakor is happy that Sooraj is recalling their love and reaches hill top while is unaware that Sooraj has actually set trap for her.

Sooraj and Ranvijay awaits Chakor and plans to kill her, Chakor reaches there and is astonished seeing Sooraj, Ranvijay.

Ranvijay and Sooraj's death trap for Chakor

Ranvijay hits Chakor will stick and thrashes her, Ranvijay unveils that how her love Sooraj had himself trapped her.

Sooraj is in his revenge mode as he believes that Chakor had killed his father and thus major death tandav wlll happen amid Chakor, Sooraj and Ranvijay.

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