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Udaan: Mysterious Guy instigates Vivaan first plans to kill Suraj Chakor to reach Imli (Upcoming Twist)

Mysterious Guy instigates Vivaan plans to kill Suraj Chakor to reach Imli in Udaan

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus Udaan the viewers and the avid fans will get to see Vivaan's blasting entry.

Vivaan was yet now captivated by Imli while somehow Vivaan managed to escape from Imli's kidnapping trap.

Vivaan has determined to take revenge from Imli but before reaching Imli, Suraj and Chakor will become his first target.

Vivaan mission ruin Imli

Vivaan has assumed that Suraj and Chakor support Imli and that's the reason Vivaan has decided to kill Suraj and Chakor if they will not help him in his mission.

If rumors are to be believed a mysterious guy has instigated Vivaan against Suraj and Chakor saying to him that Suraj and Chakor are with Imli while Vivaan misunderstands and now his first target will be Suraj and Chakor.

Let see if Suraj and Chakor could clear Vivaan's misunderstandings.

Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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