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Ishqbaaz: Dadi return with bang to expose fraudster Dadi discloses huge secret (Upcoming Episode)

Ishqbaaz: Dadi returns with bang to expose fraudster Dadi discloses huge secret

In the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will finally expose Imposter Dadi who is living in Oberoi Mansion with a secret motive.

Dadi will soon be returning from her trip where after she will get puzzled seeing a new lady living in the house.

Shivaay and family will confess about the lady being her best friend but there Dadi will finally expose that fraudster lady (Anjuman Saxena) who is living in the house.

Fraudster Dadi's truth revealed

Shivaay will burst out his incensed anger and will confront the lady where the lady will finally disclose her reason for taking shelter in the house.

The lady will reveal to Shivaay that she was tortured by her son and daughter-in-law she was left helpless to leave her house and find another shelter for her.

Shivaay and all get emotional that now Shivaay will teach a lesson to that Dadi's evil son and daughter-in-law.

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