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Dil Hi Toh Hai: Ritwik's blast of anger finds Palak's incurious step in ruining Reva's life (Upcoming Twist)

Palak (Yogita Bihani) finally got Samar and Radhika married in Dil Hi Toh Hai

The interesting storyline of Dil Hi Toh Hai is keeping viewers hooked to the show and now its time for Ritwik and Palak to face a tough time in their friendship.

Ritwik and his family are getting Reva married to Samar while there Palak decides to break Reva's wedding after she comes to know about a big truth.

Radhika's pregnancy truth gets revealed to Palak where Palak confronts Samar and gets Samar and Radhika married.

And this brings a drastic storm as Ritwik bursts his anger on Samar for cheating his sister Reva.

Things will get complicated and Ritwik will eventually come to know about how Palak was involved in getting Radhika and Samar married.

Ritwik Palak's major confrontation

Will Palak's one move groove hatred in Ritwik's heart?

What will happen now when Ritwik will realize that Palak once again broke his trust and his friendship and ruined his sister Reva's life?

Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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