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Nazar: Battle begins between Daayan and Devik Piya's real identity remains secret from Ansh (Upcoming Episode)

Nazar: Battle begins between Daayan and Devik Piya's real identity remains secret

Star Plua thriller show Nazar is witnessing a lot of melodrama in the storyline.

Ansh finally brought Piya to Rathore family but Daayan Mohana twists entire game by releasing Vedeshree so that Ansh and Family should not know about Piya's devil truth.

Where Naman does emotional melodrama and gatherered villagers in his support, Naman demands Sarpanch to punish Ansh and asks Piya to come with him.

But what will be Piya's final decision?

Piya and Ansh face off

Vedeshree still believes that Piya is devik while once again when Ansh convinces Piya to stay back with them, he touches Piya and feels a spark.

Ansh requests Piya to stay for Vedeshree's sake while Piya is scared with Daayan Mohana.

Will Piya stay back with Rathore family after knowing Mohana and Ansh relation?

Let see if the family or Ansh could realize Piya's devik truth before it gets too late.

Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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