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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar Sikandar's big effort for Kulfi Amyra’s new insecurity (Upcoming Twist)

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar Sikandar big effort for Kulfi Amyra’s new insecurity

The upcoming interesting storyline of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will witness Tevar and Sikandar’s reunion for Kulfi.

Tevar and Sikandar share their pains and sorrows of how Lovely betrayed both of them for her own happiness.

Where Tevar hates Lovely because she didn’t gave her motherly love to Kulfi,

Sikandar gets upset thinking Amyra is Tevar and Lovely’s real daughter and Tevar is unaware of the truth.

And the interesting twist will now come up when the duo will have a night out together where they will turn alcoholic sharing new bond of friendship.

Kulfi confronts Tevar and Sikandar

Kulfi scolds Tevar and Sikandar for drinking alcohol and breaking their promises where this sweet moment amid Tevar Sikandar and Kulfi will bring a new taste love in the storyline.

Soon Sikandar and Tevar will get Kulfi’s admission in Amyra’s school.

Will Kulfi be able to cope up in her new school?

Or Amyra will again turn negative for her seeing Tevar and Sikandar’s unconditional love and care for her?

Let see how Kulfi will deal with her new life…

Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates and latest news.

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