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Manmohini: Siya turns shield to hubby Raam Mohini backfired (Upcoming Twist)

Manmohini: Siya turns shield to hubby Raam Mohini’s backfired

ZEE TV newly launched love saga ‘Manmohini’ is up for something really eye-catching twist in the upcoming episode.

Earlier seen that how Raam(Ankit Siwach) starts recalling his past life with Mohini (Reyhna Malhotra).

Nevertheless, Mohini is making her every possible effort to make Raam recall their love and return back to her.

Though Mohini is mad in love with her Rana Sa Raam and is ready to kill Siya for Raam, Siya turns to protect Raam from Mohini’s evil shadow.

Siya and Raam’s face off with Mohini

The day arrives when Raam finally sees Mohini’s face in full moon night.

Mohini hugs Raam and is all the more ready to take him to her world,

Will Siya be able to protect Raam from Mohini?

Stay glued stay clued to for further updates of Manmohini.

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