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Manmohini: Blasting twist Mohini’s grah pravesh in Haveli with love Raam (Upcoming Episode)

Mohinis magic of love brings Raam back to her in Manmohini

In the thriller love saga ‘Manmohini’

Mohini (Reyhna Malhotra) finally plays her mastermind game to get back her long lost love Raam (Ankit Siwach).

However, Dayimaa and Dadimaa have shielded Raam and Siya with pious mantra threads but Mohini smartly tricks their efforts.

Mohini meets her love Raam

The time comes when Mohini and Raam meet each other.

The grand galore of Deep Daan ritual is going on that Mohini decks up as dancer girl and joins the cultural dance.

Raam there recognizes Mohini while when the guards protect Raam from Mohini, Raam fights them for Mohini while Mohini hugs Raam and faints in arms.

Eventually Raam brings Mohini to Haveli holding her in arms while everyone is left hell shock.

What will happen now?

When Raam brought Mohini to haveli, will Dayimaa and Siya be able to protect Raam?

Stay glued stay clued to for further updates of Manmohini.

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