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Manmohini: Mohini Raam reunite long lost love saga begins Siya in tension (Upcoming Story)

Mohini’s smart trick gets entry in Raam and Siya’s life in Manmohini

ZEE TV most impressing thriller love saga ‘Manmohini’ is winning million hearts with its concept of love story.

Mohini finally makes Raam see her face in full moon night that now Raam can feel her and can also touch her, Raam’s one step brought Mohini back to life.

Where Mohini plays her next move and falls unconscious in Raam’s arm where Raam takes her to Haveli.

Raam’s life in danger

Although Mohini is an evil spirit yet her love for Raam is pure and true.

Raam and Mohini have come together and Mohini’s 500 years wait turned fruitful for her.

Let’s see how Siya will protect Raam from Mohini’s dark love.

What will happen next in the show?

Stay glued stay clued to for further updates of Manmohini.

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