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Krishna Chali London: Fans open battle following abrupt exit of Gaurav Sareen aka Radhey Shukla (Latest Update)

Makers portray Radhey's critical accident with the Actor Gaurav Sareen leaving Krishna Chali London

One of the most promising leading TV Serial Krishna Chali London will show further shocking turning point in the ongoing London Track.

The Makers brought London track where Radhey (Gaurav Sareen) and Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) are coming close.

But will Radhey and Krishna ever be able to flourish their love life?

In the meantime, the new entry of Actor Karan Vohra as Cardiologist Dr. Veer Arhar Sahay created buzz in Krishna Chali London and stealed viewers attention.

A shock to everyone, Radhey meets an accident in London where he meets death leaving behind shattered Krishna.

Krishna and Veer's love story

Radhey's sudden demise in show will see the abrupt exit of Actor Gaurav Sareen from the show whereafter Actor Karan Vohra will replace the lead character and will star opposite Megha Chakraborty.

The sudden changes in Krishna Chali London brought big shocker for the KCL Fans,

And now they have challenged open battle on the Social Media with hashtags #nogauravnokcl, #endkclwithoutgaurav #wewantkcl

Will Makers still change their track?

Or they will bring back Gaurav Sareen as Radhey Shukla?

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