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Krishna Chali London: Shocking Radhey to die leaving Krishna all devastated in Church just before Wedding (Latest News)

Radhey and Krishna's eternal pure love to meet drastic the end in Krishna Chali London

In the traumatic series of Krishna Chali London, Radhey (Gaurav Sareen) and Krishna's (Megha Chakraborty) love life faces a devastating storm.

Radhey and Krishna plan their Cathedral Wedding in London Church while they are close to arrive back to India.

But who knew that their happiness will not last for long...

Krishna in trauma 

Therefore, Radhey proposes his love to Krishna while Krishna decked up in white lavish gown awaits her love in Church.

While Radhey stays on call, he promises Krishna that he is just coming but then only a car hits Radhey and Radhey takes his last breathe on the spot.

Krishna is shocked with the deadly accident while Krishna stands all devastated when the hangs up.

Will Krishna be able to save her love?

What will happen next?

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