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Krishna Chali London: Nasty conspiracy of Shukla behind making Krishna Doctor, Radhey to die (Upcoming Twist)

Challenging time for Radhey and Krishna in Krishna Chali London

The story of Krishna Chali London is going to see further nasty conspiracy of Shukla against Krishna (Megha Chakraborty) and Radhey (Gaurav Sareen).

The viewers of the show are witnessing Krishna and Radhey's trip to London where Krishna is studying her medical course.

But behind this, Shukla is cooking his a big fat conspiracy to take advantage of Krishna after she become Doctor.

Shukla turns Krishna his pawn

Shukla and the Minister are planning to open a big hospital where they have planned to appoint Krishna as the main Doctor.

Where clever Shukla permitted Krishna for London studies, he actually planned to make Krishna Doctor in 'Radhey Krishna Hospital' and earn lot of money from poor and helpless people on name of operations and medicines.

Will Shukla get succeed in his motives?

Meanwhile, Radhey meets accident with Veer's car, will Veer die?

Stay tuned for further updates and latest news.

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