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Naagin 3 Latest News 3rd February 2019 The War Begins (Upcoming Episode)

Naagin 3 Latest News 3rd February 2019

The most chilling super natural TV Show Naagin 3 is going to see a deadly war between Bela and Sumitra.

Sumitra and her evil gang killed Vish and snatched naagmadi from Bela,

But the real battle begins now when Vish returns back in spirit avatar and takes her revenge from Sumitra.

Sumitra is eventually drowned in water tank but there Mahir and Vikrant save Sumitra while Bela once again forgives Sumitra.

Nevertheless, Sumitra again plays her evil game against Bela but this time Bela counts back on Sumitra.

Bela Vikrant Vish punish Sumita

It’s a payback time for Sumitra as Vish Vikrant and Bela count back on her and decides to close her chapter while they trap Sumitra amid fierce fire.

It would be highly intense to watch if they will succeed in their plans.

Or something really unexpected will happen in Naagin 3?

Stay tuned with us for more exciting updates and interesting gossips.

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