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Ishqbaaz: Mannat blamed in Radhika kidnapping case Shivaansh furious (Upcoming Twist)

Ishqbaaz: Mannat blamed in Radhika kidnapping case Shivaansh furious

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz loyal viewers will get to witness shocking twist.

It seems Radhika suspects foul play behind some mystery person and thus heads upstairs only to get caught by Varun (Zaan Khan).

Varun kidnaps Radhika and keeps her captive.

Varun is least interested in Radhika but her entire Oberoi property matters to him.

Varun married Radhika just to get her property.

Aditi makes Shivaansh suspect Mannat

On not finding Radhika, Mannat (Niti Taylor) and Shivaansh (Nakuul Mehta) goes to locate her where Mannat finds Radhika but Aditi twists the entire story blaming Mannat for Radhika’s kidnapping.

Let’s see if Shivaansh be able to witness Mannat’s innocence or will get trapped in Aditi Varun’s game.

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