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Krishna Chali London: Twist Veer to change Krishna’s fate after Shuklas abandon Krishna (Upcoming Episode)

Krishna Chali London: Twist Veer (Karan Vohra) to change Krishna’s (Megha Chakraborty) fate after Shuklas abandon Krishna

Star plus daily soap Krishna Chali London is nowadays focusing on how Krishna is facing a terrific situation in her life.

Shuklain claims Krishna’s pregnancy and now announces special pooja for the coming baby.

But as soon as Krishna reveals that she cannot be pregnant, Shuklain gets furious on her and thereby she kicks her out of Shukla Nivas.

Veer turns supports system to Krishna

Following this terrible situation, Krishna is left outside of the house shattered in tears.

Will Veer come to rescue Krishna this time?

What will happen next in the show?

It would be very interesting to watch how Veer will change Krishna's fate after Shuklas abandon Krishna.

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