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Krishna Chali London: Veer's mother Sunaina's ugly move to separate Veer and Krishna (Upcoming Episode)

Krishna Chali London: Veer's mother Sunaina's big move to separate Veer and Krishna

The interesting TV Serial Krishna Chali London is witnessing a lot of twists and turns in the storyline.

With the entry of Dr. Ayaan Kapoor, here comes Shivani makes her return in Veer's life after ten years.

Shivani is Veer's girlfriend who has now returned in his life while Veer is not happy with her return.

Where Veer was once obsessed with Shivani, Shivani's cheat has broken her heart and now Veer has started falling in love with Krishna.

Trouble for Veer  

But the twist in tale is that Veer's mother Sunaina has plotted Shivani in Veer's life to separate Veer and Krishna.

While Sunaina doesn't want Veer to make any relation with Shivani,

Veer is not ready to patch up with Shivani.

Let's wait and see for what more happens next.

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