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Krishna Chali London: Furious Shivani hurts Krishna for coming close to Veer, Veer in action mode (Upcoming Twist)

Krishna Chali London: Furious Shivani to hurt Krishna for coming close to Veer

The interesting story of Krishna Chali London will now move towards Veer and Krishna's love story.

Once again Veer has come close to Krishna amid the medical camp while on other side Laliya Bhabhi is making Veer realize his love for Krishna.

But Veer's ex-girlfriend Shivani is turning out new villain in Veer and Krishna's love story which has just began.

And this brings tough time for Krishna when Shivani finds Veer and Krishna's increasing closeness.

Shivani confronts Krishna

Shivani is back in Veer's life after ten years and is now determined to get back Veer's love.

But Veer has fallen in love with Krishna and thus he refuses to accept back Shivani.

Thus furious Shivani confronts Krishna and badmouths her while she also insults Krishna.

Let's wait and see what more happens next.

How Veer will protect Krishna from Shivani?

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