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DivyaDrishti: Drishti's action plan to rescue Divya from Rakshit’s deadly attack (Upcoming Episode)

DivyaDrishti: Drishti in action mode to rescue Divya from Rakshit’s death attack

In the upcoming episode of DivyaDrishti, the viewers will get to see high intensity twists and turns.

So far we have seen that how Divya and Drishti live in the same house while they are unaware of each other's real identity.

While when Sachini attacks Lavanya, Divya tracks down Sachini and thus attacks her while Drishti recognizes D being her long lost sister Divya.

But then only she sees future where Rakshit is stabbing Divya with dagger.

Drishti confronts Rakshit

Divya planned to replace Lavanya in wedding mandap and marry Rakshit.

While worried Drishti confronts Rakshit and gets in action mode to protect Divya from him.

Let's wait and see for what will happen next in the show.

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