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Gathbandhan: Raghu Dhanak’s close room romance driving Maya psycho (Upcoming Episode)

Gathbandhan: Raghu Dhanak’s close room romance driving Maya psycho

Raghu and Dhanak's complicating marital life is going to blossom love in the upcoming episode of Gathbandhan.

As per the current situation, Dhanak started realizing Raghu's innocent side while Raghu promised Dhanak that he will change himself for her love.

Raghu also comes true to his promises and earns good money with his hard work while he gifts a saree to her.

While the situation is coming in Dhanak's favor, Dhanak thus decides to shift with Raghu in one room.

Maya goes mad after Raghu

Dhanak finally gets into Raghu's room and thus decides to share bed with him.

While Raghu and Dhanak close their room and sleep together, evil Maya goes mad seeing their intense closeness while Maya confronts Savitri Bai who is also shocked.

Let's wait and see for what more happens next in the show.

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