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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar took big step to revive Amyra’s lost lifeline (Upcoming Episode)

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar took big step to revive Amyra’s lost lifeline

Amyra’s deteriorating health condition has broken down Sikandar in the latest storyline of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.

As per the current situation, Sikandar locks Lovely and stops her from meeting Amyra.

While Sikandar learns that Amyra is living in her final stage, and Doctors also said their final words, Sikandar thus confronts Lovely and her evil sins.

Lovely and Sikandar in trauma

Sikandar reveals Amyra’s terminal state to Lovely that Lovely gets shattered realizing how her blunder mistake cost her own daughter Amyra.

Sikandar thus takes his big step by letting Lovely meet Amyra.

But will Lovely be able to bring any change in Amyra’s ill state?

Let’s wait and see for what happens next.

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