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Gathbandhan: Dhanak’s shootout at Savitri Bai action mode on in Muh-Dikhayi ceremony (Upcoming Twist)

Gathbandhan: Dhanak’s shootout at Savitri Bai action mode on in Muh-Dikhayi ceremony

Colors daily soap Gathbandhan is witnessing a very interesting and exciting storyline.

As per the current situation, Maya and Savitri create misunderstanding in Dhanak’s mind that Dhanak gets angry on Raghu and decides to leave the house.

However, soon she realizes her mistake as she finds the truth that Raghu turned stunt man to earn the money through which he bought saree for her.

Meanwhile, Savitri announces Dhanak’s Muh-Dikhayi ceremony while she planned to humiliate Dhanak.

Dhanak backfires Savitri’s plan

But interestingly, there comes Gauhar Khan for a special performance.

Gauhar Khan asks Dhanak to show her shooting skills while she puts apple on Savitri Bai’s head and asks Dhanak to shoot apple.

Savitri gets really scared of Dhanak and the gunshot, while Dhanak smartly shoots apple.

Dhanak’s one step and Savitri changed her plan of insulting Dhanak.  

Let’s wait and see for what happens next and Dhanak accepts Raghu.

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