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Gathbandhan: Angry Raghu takes extreme step to stop Dhanak's murderer step (Upcoming Episode)

Gathbandhan: Angry Raghu takes extreme step to stop Dhanak's murderer step

Colors daily soap opera Gathbandhan is seeing a very challenging phase in Dhanak's life.

Savitri challenged Dhanak to commit a murder and prove her worth for the post of Don.

Meanwhile, Dhanak also agrees to her putting a condition that if she wins the challenge then Savitri will have to leave the criminal path.

Savitri accepts the condition as she believes that Dhanak will never succeed in the challenge.

While this has left Raghu in trauma as he doesn't want Dhanak to get into criminal world.

Raghu and Dhanak's major face off 

Raghu will thus stop Dhanak from taking the murderous step while Dhanak is adamant to win this challenge.

There will be drastic face off amid Raghu and Dhanak,

Let see if Raghu could stop Dhanak.

Keep reading for more coming updates.

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