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Kavach 2: Angad Sandhya’s first meeting of love prior to Horror Mystery (Upcoming Episode)

Angad (Namik Paul) and Sandhya’s (Deepika Singh) love at first sight brewing new mystery in Kavach 2

Finally Indian Television Colors is launching the most awaited Second Season of supernatural horror show ‘Kavach’

It’s call for the horror weekend with Kavach 2 finally hitting the screens by today 25th May.

The show is starring Namik Paul (Angad), Deepika Singh (Sandhya), and Vin Rana in lead roles.

Angad and Sandhya’s destined love story will kick-start with the very first episode when Angad and Sandhya will meet for the first time.

Angad and Sandhya’s destined connection with an Evil Witch

Angad and Sandhya will fall in love at the first sight.

Their love at first sight is a call for an evil witch who is waiting for Angad since a long time.

It will be quite interesting to watch how Sandhya and Angad will fight this evil witch.

Stay tune for the very next update.

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