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Kavach 2: Evil Kapil possesses Angad to get intimate with Sandhya (Upcoming Twist)

Kapil (Vin Rana) possesses Angad (Namik Paul) to satisfy love lust with Sandhya (Deepika Singh) in Kavach 2

Colors one of the thriller running supernatural saga ‘Kavach 2’ is witnessing a really high time track in the storyline.

Angad and Sandhya finally got married and now they are beginning their new love life.

The couple is spending a good time together sharing love and romance.

But besides this, Kapil has also returned back from his grave to snatch back his lady Sandhya from Angad.

Kapil’s possession for Sandhya intensifies

Where Sandhya is beginning a Happy marital life with her hubby Angad,

Kapil will shockingly possess Angad and will try all his means to satisfy his love lust with Sandhya.

Will Sandhya recognize Kapil and save her love?

Or it will be too late for Sandhya to save Angad?

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