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Bahu Begum Latest News: Shaira to catch Faiz real murderer Khalid solves murder mystery (Latest News)

Bahu Begum Latest News: Faiz real murderer to destroy Azaan-Shaira and Noor

In the upcoming daily soap episode of Bahu Begum, Shaira will soon get a clue of Yasmeen and Faiz's death.

It is seen how Shaira is blamed for plotting fire and causing death to Faiz and Yasmeen.

The duos death only turned out reason of Noor's enmity against Shaira which is now separating Shaira from Azaan.

Soon, Shaira will get a big clue of Khalid's connection with the accidental fire.

Khalid to turn revengeful against Shaira

The story will witness further unexpected challenges before Shaira when she will get Noor married to Azaan.

Khalid only plotted the fire in kitchen after Shaira left. Khalid wanted Faiz to die in the fire so that Noor and Faiz marriage could stop.

Where now Shaira will get Noor married to Khalid, Khalid will turn revengeful against Shaira.

It would be highly intensified to watch how Khalid will bring storm in Azaan, Shaira and Noor's life.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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