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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Vijayendra Kumeria to spice up Zaroon Saltanat's life (Upcoming Twist)

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera: Vijayendra Kumeria to spice up Zaroon (Rajveer Singh) Saltanat's (Helly Shah) life

The upcoming episode of Star Bharat show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera will witness new entry on show.

Udaan fame Vijayendra Kumeria is all set to mark his entry in Zaroon and Saltanat’s life.

As per the ongoing storyline we have seen Saltanat in comma.

Saltanat’s this state happen due to Kaynaat who only endangers Saltanat’s life to takeover her place.

Zaroon brings Saltanat home thinking she is Kaynaat who is nearing to death.

Madhav’s entry create new angle to Zaroon and Saltanat’s love track

Now viewers will get to see Dr Madhav (Vijayendra Kumeria) marking his stunning entry as Saltanat’s doctor.

Dr Madhav’s role is full of suspense and thrill and viewers will keen to know more about Dr Madhav.

It would be really interesting to see what change Dr Madhav will bring forth in Zaroon and Saltanat’s life.

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