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Kahan Hum Kahan Tum: Dhamakedaar twist in Sippys and Rohit-Sonakshi's Ganesh Utsav (Upcoming Twist)

Kahan Hum Kahan Tum: Dhamakedaar twist in Sippys and Rohit-Sonakshi's Ganpati Utsav

A big celebration is on the head in the daily soap opera of Star Plus, Kahan Hum Kahan Tum.

The love couple is going to celebrate another grand eve strengthening their love.

The mystery of Mahatre's wife murder complicates Sonakshi's life and the Sippys also turn against Sonakshi-Rohit's love.

However, soon the truth revelation solves all misunderstandings.

The Sippys are glad and thankful to Sonakshi who saved their daughter's dignity.

In the meanwhile, where Rohit's kidnapping will add a dhamakedaar twist in the Ganpati Utsav,

The viewers will get to see another major twister in the tale of KHKT.

Rohit and Sonakshi's Marathi style Ganpati Utsav with families

The wait is over and here we have brought an exciting glimpse of Rohit and Sonakshi's Ganpati Utsav.

The Sippys and the Rastogis will come together in Marathi style for Ganpati Visarjan.

It will be very exciting to watch how Rohit and Sonakshi will soon realize their falling feelings for each other.

Till then keep reading for more updates.

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