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Sanjivani 2: Vardhan uses Sid and Ishani's fight trapping Ishani in Rahul's evil plans (Upcoming Episode)

Sanjivani 2: Vardhan uses Sid and Ishani's fight getting Ishani in Rahul's evil team

It seems that the evil man Vardhan will not sit quiet after convincing Shashank for the luxury ward project of Sanjivani.

In the daily TV Serial Sanjivani 2, Vardhan has teamed up with Rahul who is the biggest rival to Sanjivani.

Rahul wants to snatch Sanjivani hospital from Dr. Shashank and for the same he is planning with Vardhan against Shashank.

Everything goes well as per their evil plans but Sid and Ishani turns major hurdle.

Vardhan has cunningly cracked a fight between the two by creating misunderstandings.

Where Ishani has developed hate for Sid, Vardhan will now use this hate to trap Ishani in his evil team.

Vardhan uses Ishani and her past

Although Ishani has a bitter past due to her blood relation with the Aroras,

Vardhan and Rahul want Ishani to work for them.

Let see will Ishani come in Vardhan's influence.

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