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Beyhadh 2: Rishi Rudra's brotherhood break Maya turns reason (Future Story)

Beyhadh 2: Rishi and Rudra's (Shivin Narang) brotherhood breaks, Maya (Jennifer Winget) turns reason 

Sony Entertainment Television is coming up with all new show Beyhadh 2 which is going to start on 2nd December, 2019.

The show is all about the revenge saga of Maya, Maya is back to take revenge from MJ.

Maya will be back and will target MJ's family and his sons Rishi and Rudra.

Maya will increase closeness with Rishi and Rudra and make them fall in love with her.

Maya will save Rishi, Rishi will thus fall head over heels for Maya and thus get mad after her.

Rudra and Maya's love chemistry

Rudra on other hand will have tashan moments with Maya and thus their chemistry will blossom.

Rudra and Rishi will be seen fighting against each other for Maya and thus MJ's family will break.

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