Naamkaran: Avni fools Neil and enters Rang Mahal to unfold Daya-GuruMaa's master plan (Upcoming Twist)

Naamkaran: Avni (Zain Imam) to once again fool Neil (Zain Imam) and run away

In the upcoming episode of Naamkaran viewers will get to witness Avni is new disguised avatar.

Yes, Avni is on her new mission to unfold Ali’s whereabouts.

Avni has finally learnt that Ali is not dead but Raghu Pandit and Daya along with GuruMaa’s help are the master mind behind this game plan.

Avni wants to support Neil in this mission while Neil does not allow Avni to step out of the house.

Avni is not going to keep quiet and thus disguise self getting tanned look and wears a simple saree so that none can identify her.

Neil tightens the security at Khanna House for Avni while Avni easily moves out.

Avni to unfold Daya and GuruMaa’s master plan

Avni is all set for her new mission and enter Daya and GuruMaa’s Rang Mahal to unfold their master plan and of course save friend Ali.

Will Avni too get trapped instead of saving Ali?

Will Neil learn about Avni’s run away once again?

Let’s wait and watch.

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