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Udaan: Sooraj Chakor's bride swap plan amid Gauri Pakhi goes wrong (Upcoming Twist)

Udaan: Sooraj (Vijyendra Kumeria) and Chakor's (Meera Deosthale) bride swap plan for Gauri and Pakhi turns trouble 

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Udaan is up for some interesting twist and drama.

Sooraj and Chakor are planning to save Gauri from sarkari mandi trap as Imli is planning to sell off Gauri.

While Pakhi had offered to help Chakor and Sooraj and sit at brides place so that Gauri, Sooraj and Chakor may get time to escape.

Sooraj had to do this swap of Gauri and Pakhi and Chakor is much tensed over it as she can't let anything wrong happen with Gauri and Pakhi.

Chakor and Sooraj's plan against Imli gets super successful

Chakor gets shattered when she sees that Pakhi is still sitting in room and wedding rituals has begin while Gauri soon unveils her veil and reveal to Chakor that their plan got successful.

Sooraj and Chakor gets successful in befooling Imli and swaps the bride this safeguarding Gauri and thus defeats Imli once again in her evil plan.

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