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Bepanah: Faisle Ki Raat Zoya’s final decision to get revealed soon (Upcoming Episode)

Bepanah: Faisle Ki Raat Zoya’s final decision to get revealed soon

In the upcoming twist of Colors popular show Bepanah loyal viewers will get to witness interesting story with Faisle Ki Raat Zoya’s (Jennifer Winget) final decision to get revealed soon.

It seems Aditya (Harshad Chopda) is trying his best to make Zoya her love for him and their incomplete love in past.

Aditya requests Zoya to give life second chance and live that happy life with him not Arshad as she does not love him.

But Zoya is firm on her decision as she feels Aditya cheated her and kept her in dark all this while.

Big day Zoya to conclude her decision of choosing Arshad or Aditya

Anyway, the latest promo is out where Zoya is going to take big decision of her life on wedding day.

Faisle Ki Raat Zoya ke saath, whom will Zoya choose as her groom Aditya or Arshad.

Keep tuned to know more and continue reading for more interesting gossips.

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