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Kundali Bhagya: Post Karan, Sarla expose Prithvi Sherlyn's affair (Upcoming Episode)

Kundali Bhagya: Post Karan, Sarla expose Prithvi Sherlyn's affair

In the upcoming story of ZEE TV popular show Kundali Bhagya loyal viewers will get to witness interesting drama.

It was earlier seen that Karan (Dheeraj Dhooper) catches Prithvi (Sanjay Gangnani) and Sherlyn (Ruchi Chaturvedi) red handed and wanted to expose them.

Unfortunately as always Prithvi manages to prove his innocence proving Karan wrong once again.

Now Sherlyn demands Prithvi to marry her secretly just to assure that he still loves her and not Preeta.

Prithvi left with no other option agrees for marriage.

Sarla turns eye witness of Prithvi Sherlyn marriage

And in the turn of events when Prithvi and Sherlyn are taking their phera’s Sarla will witness the entire marriage drama.

Now it would be really interesting to see if Sarla be able to expose Prithvi’s identity to Preeta.

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