Zindagi Ki Mehek 5th January 2017 written episode update ZKM WU (Written Update)

Zindagi Ki Mehek 5th January 2017 written episode update ZKM WU

The current episode starts with Mehek returns home and tells family that she and Shaurya are back together.

Sharma family is happy and dances happily, Shaurya and his mother comes with Shagun.

Sharma family and Shaurya's family fixes the marriage, Karona asks to begin marriage functions from tomorrow.

Mehek gets worried hearing about marriage functions from tomorrow while Shaurya cheers her up.

Mehek also tensed about her job but Shaurya asks her to relax and asks her to focus on her restaurant work and he will manage marriage preparations.

Shaurya and his mother were talking about something and Shaurya feels that someone is stalking on him and doubts.

The stalker was of Swetlana and she is planning to do something to Shaurya over her revenge intentions.

Swetlana's stalker enters Sharma house and collides with Shaurya, Shaurya doubt's him but Chacha sends him away.

Shaurya and Mehek's marriage gets fixed

Shaurya talks to Chachi, PD, Nehal to asks about Mehek's life and her life incidents to make wedding special for Mehek.

Kanta Chachi also shows Mehek's receipe dairy to him, Shaurya looks strangely and then changes the topic.

Swetlana's stalker plants bomb in Sharma house and Swetlana is happy seeing her plan working against Shaurya and Mehek.

Shaurya sees Mehek's all memories, someone enters Sharma house at night strangely and Mehek doubt's it to be thief.

Mehek beats the thief and strangely looks at him.


Nehal teases Mehek over marriage with Shaurya.

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